Volunteering is a wonderful way to network. By volunteering for a committee, you can showcase your skills and commitment to a project. While working on a committee, not only can you help make this a strong chapter that is sure to meet your professional needs, you can make an impression with your peers.

Our call for volunteers begins in the late fall. However, you can submit your application to volunteer with a committee at any time. For your chance to make a difference, please review the following committees and their descriptions. Then, submit your application today!

More to come. Check back soon...

Membership Recruitment and Retention Committee

  • Identifying ways to recruit and retain members.
  • Plan and attend recruiting events.
  • Coordinate with other committees to plan recruitment activities.
  • Maintain and cultivate electronic mailing lists.
  • Engage new members via live and online social media events.
  • Report to the Board of Directors on member metrics.
  • Develop membership surveys.
  • Use survey data to develop new and innovative programs to recruit and retain members.

Media/ PR Committee:

  • Responsible for the preparation and distribution of the Chapter Newsletter, Community Media Relations and working with the Technology Committee to ensure a unified message across all media.
  • Encourage members to present information of interest for publication.
  • Advise contributors of submission deadlines.
  • Help proof articles for publication.
  • Assist in developing columns for Newsletter/ Chapter blogs such as: Member Profiles, Book or Resource reviews, Legislative Updates and News from other Chapters.

Technology Committee

  • Responsible for updating and maintaining the Chapter Website.
  • Working with Web host to troubleshoot technical issues.
  • Collaborating with Media/PR Committee personnel to ensure timely delivery of Chapter News and Events.
  • Investigation of new and emerging technology to assist members in decision making. When possible, reviewing and reporting on new tech to the members via web-page updates or the Newsletter.
  • Investigation of any technology for use by the Chapter that would allow the Chapter and/or its Board Members to function more efficiently, productively or cost-effectively.
  • Advise Board Members of Pros/Cons and Costs vs Benefits of any new technology being considered.
  • Assist Education/ Programs Committee with set up and/or delivery of programs involving any technical issues.

Education and Programs Committee

  • Responsible for performing needs assessments with members to determine types of programs to pursue.
  • Cultivating guest speakers and writers to maintain a robust schedule to meet the Chapter's educational needs.
  • Developing new course material based on expressed members' needs.
  • Filing for CEU credit and coordinating payment to the Board of Nursing or AALNC National for all qualified programs. (Please note the filer or Chair of this committee is required to have a BSN per the AZ Board of Nursing.)
  • Coordinating event notifications (including changes or other updates) with National, the Media/PR Committee, the Technology Committee, and Board of Directors.
  • Coordinating event activities with on-site staff, guest speakers, and liaisons from various committees involved in presentations.