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LNCC Review Course: Civil Rights Litigation


  • Tad Eckenrode, Esq. 
  • Lori Roscoe, PhD, MSN, ANP-C, CCHP-RN 
  • Cyndi Maag, RN, BA, LNCC 

Price: Members, $35 Non-members, $85 
CNE: 1.5 Contact Hours of CNE credit


Participation in the LNCC Review Course webinar series will enable the learner to effectively prepare for the LNCC exam by increasing their knowledge of LNC practice roles, case evaluation and case management as well as improving skill and judgment in effectively interpreting exam items and selecting correct answers.  For LNCs not preparing to take the LNCC exam, the advanced concepts of LNC practice which are presented in this 12 part series will provide opportunities to increase knowledge and skills in selected LNC practice roles and management of selected types of medical legal tort cases.


  1. Outline the various causes of action and pleading variations involved in inmate litigation. 

  2. Discuss common inmate care complaints. 

  3. Articulate the process of records review. 

  4. Analyze the process involved in defending inmate medical care complaints.

  5. Describe the systematic approach to finding the appropriate expert witness.

  6. Discuss the expectations of the expert witness.