Volume 25, Issue 1 Fall-Winter 2015 Nurses' Brief


President's Message

President's Message

Ever have one of those days when you have difficulty persuading yourself to do something? [Make a few cold calls. Research a medical topic you’ve repeatedly struggled to understand. Give a lecture to a group of colleagues or future clients. Start going to the gym.] We’ve all had experiences when we NEED to do things, but have a hard time convincing ourselves to do it. We realize that inaction could lead to stagnation of our career, success, reputation, or health. The problem is that we really DO want to increase our income potential, do a good job, make a good impression, or hike the south rim. 

     When we look at our motivation for doing something, we’re able to focus our passion in ways that are far more productive and satisfying. As you re-define the activity, you’re no longer focusing on what you NEED to do, but what you WANT to do. [I want 2 new clients per quarter….to finish this report early so I can spend more time with my family….to boost my reputation as an expert by giving 2 lectures this year….to run a 5K in honor of a loved one.] This isn’t just semantics. Research shows that people who WANT to do something are more focused on achieving their goals, willing to engage in an activity and are more energized in the process. They have PASSION!

Successful organizations, like ours, are led by folks who are passionate about our profession and this chapter’s mission. We want to share our expertise with other LNCs and help them to expand their knowledge. By doing this, we also gain new knowledge and experiences. Providing high-quality educational programs, an interactive website and informative newsletters are just some of the ways we share our passion with members and the greater medical/legal community.

You probably joined this chapter because you thought it would add value to your life, either through a career change or to enrich your current one. Keeping that in mind, what’s the best way to maximize your enrichment or experience in this chapter? More importantly, where’s your passion? What are you doing to challenge yourself? 

If you’re new to the legal nurse consulting profession, it doesn’t mean that you are new to nursing or how to get things done. We are always open to members sharing their knowledge and to having people get involved. Here are some ways that you can share your passion:

  • Write a short article on a new piece of medical equipment or the latest in standards of care for a specific patient population in your nursing specialty.
  • Share your story in our newsletter.
  • Volunteer on the Membership Committee to help spread the word and welcome new members.
  • Volunteer on the Education Committee to help the Chair set up at luncheons, prepare and review evaluations, or brainstorm for future projects.
  • Assist with the sign-in desk at a luncheon.
  • Offer to become a liaison for your part of the state, if outside the Phoenix area.
  • Send us photos that you take during our events to share with the website or newsletter.
  • Be a part of a task force. (These are short-term, item specific teams to address an immediate need such as revision of a policy, event planning and community engagements, or special research projects. Terms are generally less than a year and dissolve upon completion/resolution of the project.)

If you’re returning to us, what prompted that? How will you give back, share your experiences or reconnect? If you’d like to share the wealth of knowledge you’ve gained over the past, here are some of the ways you can get involved:

  • Lecture at a luncheon.
  • Write an article or case study for the newsletter.
  • Collaborate with the Technology Chair to beta-test and proof new pages on the website.
  • Offer to mentor a new member.
  • Run for office. 
  • Lead a task force.

Success and pride in a sense of accomplishment aren’t gained from comparing yourself with others and focusing on skills you don’t have. These only lead to a mentality that is rife with limits, negativity and doubts. Meeting your goals, improving on your performances, mastering a challenge, contributing to the understanding of your profession, and helping the next person to do the same will go further in life and your career toward true success. You have what it takes to succeed. The Phoenix Chapter of the AALNC is here to help you achieve those goals.

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