2013-2015 Joy Lawson, RN BA LNCC


Joy has been with the AALNC since its early years. She has served in many capacities on the Phoenix Board of Directors. As our current Director-At-Large, Joy is responsible for acting as a liaison between the Board of Directors and the members. She is truly a fountain of nursing knowledge.

Joy received her Nursing Degree in 1958 in Tennessee, where she attended both Baptist Hospital school of Nursing-Memphis & Nashville Baptist Hospital School of Nursing. Her nursing career includes experience in Medical-Surgical Nursing, ER and ICU. She helped set up Nashville Baptist Hospital's ICU in 1966.

In the early 70s, she moved to Arizona and completed a Bachelor of the Arts Degree in Chemistry/English Literature at Arizona State University in 1974. She's worked as a floor nurse in Tennessee, Arizona, California and Florida, but has also heeded a call to medical mission work in Central and South America. In 1980, she discovered Legal Nurse Consulting. Initially, she was one of the few nurses in the Phoenix area to practice in this field. She and other nurses in the area gathered under the Corporate moniker of "Arizona Nurse Consultants in Law."

Joy became one of the founding members of the AALNC in 1989, when nurses from Arizona, California and Georgia banded together to create the national association we're a part of today. Thus, Arizona Nurse Consultants in Law soon became the American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants. During this time, Joy had a long and productive career, then retired from LNC practice in 2012. Now, she can enjoy her 3 children, 2 grandchildren and many hobbies like, choral, Pet Therapy at Banner Good Samaritan, hiking, swimming and cattle ranching. (By the way, that ranch is in Tennessee, so she's quite busy hopping back and forth across the country!) We are lucky to have her as a mentor, sounding board and all around cheerful presence.