The difference between Certification and a Certificate a nutshell:

Certification is a credential earned by people who have experience in a field. They have put in the hours to learn the basic concepts, and then have gained skill and expertise.

A certificate is awarded after a person completes an educational program. The person need not perform any work in that field before or during the program in order to complete a certificate program. It is typically completed by a newcomer to the field by a for profit entity.

How can I tell the difference between a certificate program and a certification?
Look at the prerequisites to take the certificate course of study. Can you enroll in the program without prior experience? Is the certificate program part of a national specialty organization or is it the product of a person? Is the certificate program recognized by American Board of Nursing Specialties as having met specific criteria for specialty certification? By setting and enforcing standards for certification, the American Board of Nursing Specialties (ABNS) seeks to protect the public and consumers. Through their mission, they certify that the nurse holding the credential from an accredited certification program possesses the knowledge, skills and competency for quality practice in the specialty.

What is LNCC?

Unlike many certificate programs being offered by colleges and private educational providers, the LNCC program is practice-based. It is not intended to teach individuals how to become legal nurse consultants. Rather, it is designed to measure an individual’s “knowledge-in-use”. It is the application of knowledge and skills by those with real-life experience in this role.

LNCC (Legal Nurse Consultant Certified) certification is similar to the certification awarded to experienced nurses working in a specialty area of nursing such as CCRN for Critical Care Nurses, CEN for Emergency Nurses and so on. It recognizes the experienced practitioner and is the only legal nurse consulting credential recognized by American Association of Legal Nurse Consulting and accredited by the ABNS.


AALNC Position Statement on Specialty Certification

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